08 March 2009

Pardon Me, but Are you wearing my wallpaper?

As I receive emails by the dozen everyday from stores-tempting me with the newest of the new in fashion. Occasionally I bite-but more often I LOOK. I adore fabrics and it is always intriguing to see how fashion and interior design merge -often on the runway.

I suppose Scarlet O'Hara of GONE WITH THE WIND infamy- was the first gal I knew that literally WORE her curtains. I always wondered who made that fabulous confection of green velvet. She pulled together her patterns and designed the frock, but I think Mammy did most of the sewing, or perhaps it was sister Sue Ellen.
Right now I see many prints that are the exact fabric I have used. I rarely repeat a fabric in my design work-But on occasion one comes along that is a brilliant "workhorse."
It GOES with everything: IMPERIAL TRELLIS by designer Kelly Werstler. I have use the wallpaper and the fabric. My favorite colorway is the Citrine and Ivory.

from St. John (Saks 5th Avenue)


my favorites of the Imperial Trellis' many colorways...

perfect for a wallpaper application in the Powder room

Have you seen someone wearing your wallpaper or favorite french chair recently?


  1. my dear~ what a lucky little powder room~m.

  2. And to think they used to claim there was no overlap in fashion and furnishing fabrics. Hah!



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