12 April 2009

Look What I Got!

a designer's dream palette-

what is your dream palette?

...more on these eggs to come


  1. Did you dye these? They look too perfect to be fresh.... It's all the rage these days in Clarke County to own your own chickens and gather your own eggs. They are almost too beautiful to eat. I'd love to do it myself, but fear my dogs (and foxes) might eat them. My friend, Winslow, has chickens. He fills his refrigerator up with boxes of eggs. You walk into his kitchen, open the ice box door, take out how ever many dozen you want, leave $3 per dozen in a jar, and close the kitchen door behind you when you leave! (I love my life!)

  2. these are the real deal. friends with eggs! I love it-the friends and the eggs. Aren't they beautiful. I had to take pictures. You have to get a couple. I would love to have some, they have a COUPE de ville in Raleigh-that tours coupes inside the beltline. Please get an exotic one and name it Augury. I am still looking for that gentleman landowner to build me my own coupe.



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