13 April 2009

Victor Victoria

I can't wait to see this MOVIE... I have often said of books- put my characters in period costume and I will read just about anything. Movies apply too, It's not as it seems-but only expresses my devotion to history-since I was a child. I was the kid reading all the biographies in the library and I had- I might say- a somewhat odd crush on Helen Keller and Mary Lincoln.(hum?)

If you bow to the altar of Fashion, History, Design- ALL three?.... don't wait, Go see these photographs of Emily Blunt in the Vanity Fair shoot by Michael Roberts, wearing Christian Dior. The photographs were taken at Le Raincy, just outside Paris.

Miss Blunt portrays Queen Victoria in the new movie- The YOUNG VICTORIA. No doubt she does it well- she is an actress that can at once be beautiful, odd, and sadly dowdy on screen.

These portraits of Blunt capture the essence of the Winterhalter paintings of Queen Victoria as the young woman Miss Blunt portrays in the movie. Winterhalter loved the detail of the gown as his portraits witness and he would have been enraptured by Galliano. Without a doubt the most beautiful portraits of Victoria are the Winterhalters- painted as a young woman, as Queen at her coronation, as a young bride and as a young mother.

Miss Blunt wearing Chanel

Emily Blunt is Victoria-

Victoria's Winterhalter Portraits

Victoria's Coronation

more Victoria by Winterhalter- in coronation robes

Emily Blunt as Victoria

The Royal pair

Albert & Victoria

The Young widow

Q V and the Union Jack

Blunt and the Union Jack

the charming Miss Blunt as herself
(for the Design obsessed- wp is PaperRoses by Cole & Son)


  1. Oh wow -i can't wait to see this either, I haven't looked at my vanity fair yet. I wonder when it comes out?

  2. AD- I just got mine, great pictures and the article are already on the site.G

  3. I am a costume drama person- this looks to be terrific- I meant to mention a book BORN TO RULE, 5 reigning consorts, Victorias granddaughters Amazing that she put them on a throne. It is a great read.G



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