08 September 2009

LALIE Textiles folie jolie

Folie Jolie

To see original, fresh HEAVENLY fabrics in today's fabric world is not an everyday thing. Alas - Not even on occasion. To say the LALIE RICHE COLLECTION is Original, Fresh- IS , Well- Understatement. When I saw them I knew I had to find out a bit more.

DESIGNER- MARIE RICHE, is just 27 years old and for me that makes her collection even more exciting. She brings an energy, dynamism-a joie de vivre to her textiles! Marie Riche is Brittany -born -a place where she draws inspiration for her textiles from. "I love The Farm, The Town, The Sea." Her designs range from dancing Poppies to leaf forms that take on the appearance of fish, guinea hens, eyes- in other words Fantasy. Fauvist, Dufy's dynamic color palette is an influence, along with whispers of his textiles designs for fashion designer Paul Poiret. She says,"It's like me, the color, and the line, I'm intuitive, and a painter at heart."

Dufy & Poiret

from the Met collection

all Fabrics shown are a part of the LALIE Collection


Marie graciously answered some of my Questions-


Where did you study?
Paris during 5 years in Textile and Print

How long have you been designing textiles?

5 years of school and 4 years of work after.

Is this Your 1st Collection for your own company LALIE?

YES, it 's the first collection for LALIE PARIS!


What inspires you ?

Nature, Green places, the Garden, the Sea, and the city of Paris.

Sous le gui


Who are your favorite Artists? Designers?

Chagall, Rothko, Fauvist-Raoul Dufy, Modigliani and favorite fashion Designer Stylist- Dries Van Noten.

You are a bold colorist, What are your color inspirations?

La nouvelle Caledonie and all flowers


What are Your Favorite Colors?

Red, Pink Fuchsia, Black

What style is your own home decorated in?

I love the object which has a Past , wood in the rough , with some touch of contemporary objects & I love HOT color.

Comme en Provence

What places,things & people as a Child - have influenced your work?

My life in New Caledonia when I was child, my holidays in Bretagne in the countryside and near the Breton coast.


I love Marie's fabrics- So much exuberance and bold color! Something new under the fabric sun- Refreshing indeed.

Be sure to go to her website Here to explore her textiles in more detail.

all photographs graciously provided by Marie Riche

more in Vogue here
more Raoul Dufy here
more Paul Poiret here


  1. One can certainly see an appreciation of Dufy and Chagall in her beautiful designs.

  2. What do you think the odds are that the Met will loan out that jacket? I'll totally get it dry cleaned after I wear it.

  3. I just adore these fabrics- especially the folie jolie. Yes the influences are there for sure, but with umph!

    Jez- It doesn't hurt to ask, all they can do is say no.

  4. I'm seeing MC (the coat so reminds me of EEE' s shower curtain). Rising from the earth, sky and waters of France, new life with a great bounce. It will be fun to watch her success grow larger.

  5. Gorgeous coat...very deco. Fur trim gets me every time. Plus teal. Nice. Trish

  6. Little-

    This is so delicious...like eating every flavor of candy at once. Eye candy.

    This is fearless design...and artist who designs with great spirit and vivacity.

    Bravo~ www.thestylesaloniste.com

  7. These are fresh - great! I'm off to her site. We always seem to be following similar threads, my dear!

  8. Before I scrolled down, I thought of Dufy! Lovely, Deltas & Sous le gui might be my favorite.

  9. I do love them too. So glad you do. She is so talented, also designed for P. Frey before heading out on her own. Our "interview" was short and sweet- French Eng. ?? So sorry I did not learn the language- by the by, there is a wonderful sight- a french word a day blog. its great!

    Thank you for the comments, love hearing from You All.



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