07 February 2010

Diana the Huntress

the Mitford sisters are forever popping up on some of my favourite blogs.
I love it!
just a day ago Lucindaville posted the William Acton portraits of the SIX MITFORD sisters. Can you match the 6 to their portraits? Read more about the MITFORDS at Lucinda- and help sort through the portraits- I promised to show Diana's Acton portrait in full for Lucinda this weekend. Another post from Megan Wilson's My Book Covers features five gorgeous portraits of Nancy Mitford on the covers of Mitford's own novels.

Diana the Huntress
William Acton

cover of Diana Mitford Mosley's autobiography A LIFE IN CONTRASTS from Amazon Japan


  1. I never tire of those wacky, beautiful, complicated, fascinating, irritating, compelling, and in some cases tragic Mitford sisters!

  2. Ahhh .. . . the Mitford sisters.
    Just the world I needed to escape the
    Superbowl madness today.
    Thanks, la.
    I can always count on you for the perfect
    antidote to Reality.


  3. Reggie Darling- Neither do I, can you help with the ID? I did find this portrait to be quite the thing-there is a photograph somewhere ( I wish) of the portrait in full- I will continue to hunt for it.

    Jjj- Check and double check! if ever a dose of R-I hope it will be a low one.



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