04 May 2011

Colette Check

when checking in with Colette on checks-She said she had checked out the checks at Christopher Kane last Spring & was wowed, but passed on them.
His collection of checks is what mad geniuses like Kane do with checks.  The Spring 2010 collection was inspired by the cult of Jonestown,  a 1980's image of Nancy Reagan strolling the grounds of the White House  & Jeremy Irons' tailored vest in the film Lolita.
GOT IT? Oh Yes, and gospel & spiritual music.
That clears things up quite a bit-Yes?

Irregardless- the intricacy of pattern play, tailoring, the mix of beading  & Oh yes! Checks-makes it worth checking into.

As always Colette has an eye for showing Us whats' what & putting her finger on that certain something that sticks with Us.

In the Checkered Past story I suggested she do up something in checks for her next evening at Nicky Haslam's Hunting Lodge-  offering up several looks from past designers to inspire her.  She writes "I constantly battle my penchant for checks (and stripes for that matter)...i cant seem to stop! Christopher Kane's gingham dresses last year were a painful temptation that i resisted thinking them too 'on trend'...and now of course, regret. Lesson learnt and i will send pics of the ensemble i now feel i simply MUST whip up."

Checkmate!, Can't Wait.


  1. Those light voiles are wonderful. Not sure of the connection though.

  2. The bodice is beautifully done. I'm a big check fan, only second to stripes:-)

  3. DT. the tailoring is fantastic too- I don't think we have to get the connections to appreciate the magic of the clothes. As with many, the connections are their inspiration and leave Us scratching our heads.

  4. BB. I like stripes, but do think I prefer checks. Are stripes one of those gender patterns- Stripes for Men? It seems I always reach for them when working on a man's room. what do you think?



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