04 May 2011

pure south pacific check


reader Karen, dropped this in the box today, and how glad I am  that she did.
remember this check?

the film & score- South Pacific.

& the dress, it is very reminiscent of the Christopher Kane creations.

the simple lines of the dress  echos the innocence of an era just before the Second World War touched down on Hawaii's sacred shores.
how can a  simple check say all that?



  1. I must watch this again....thank you for the reminder...xv

  2. I was watching the movie Camelot the other day. Vanessa Redgrave was gorgeous and the costumes she wore set off her beauty so perfectly, or perhaps she enhanced the costumes with her radiance. She was luminous throughout. As I watched, I though it would be so wonderful for Little Augury to post on this one!

  3. oh Gaye, this my favourite dress of all time and I have been desperately trying to find more than the first of your images of it. so thank you.

  4. it is an adorable dress- thank you Karen.
    Hannah I love her in that movie- I will take it under consideration.
    Rose- Karen sent 2 and I tracked the 3rd one, YOu may have to draw it! I would love to see that. pgt

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. kathrynnova, I will have to Check that out!



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