05 May 2011

last time I checked


as I am often told, I can get carried away- do you?
shouldn't we all?
isn't that what inspiration is all about? being enthusiastic about a single perfect rose- an slightly imperfect nose?

this particular photograph of Evelyn Lauder  is one I've held on to  for some years.


What could be more-


The central decoration on the table- a tray of broccoli- & it works.
A tiny silk check jacket
A smile.
All radiating confidence, how perfect!
how simply perfect.

It must be the check.

(image from Town & Country)



  1. I like when the ordinary can be viewed and seen from a new perspective. That's one good definition of art, isn't it?

  2. & she has a wonderful husband:)
    How can you make broccoli look so stunning, impressive!!!

  3. Yes & yes. I love this photograph. Have not seen it before...the broccoli-on-a-tray is terrific. Thanks!

  4. Yes we all should most definitely get carried away!! Passion is what makes life (and anything else) worthwhile!! I could' t agree with you more about every aspect of this charming shot!! Simple, elegant, confident is the name of the game!!

  5. I just bought something cotton, checked and lavender at Sage Farm Antiques in Rye, New Hampshire. Of course, I thought of you! Well, how perfect is that tray of broccoli. Love!

  6. Mark, I agree, she is quite the patron too, as is her husband.

    Kristin H. kudos to that simple tray of broc.& the little stalks tied with raffia. I had an email that said just what you do-and that she is truly elegant and gracious.

  7. Giulia- I wish I had dated it I do know it was T & C and long before I envisioned a blog. The broc is so simple it is just too good to be true. I need to remember that.

    Q. Oh yes to getting carried away, & often!

  8. Barbara, how could lavender and check and cotton be nothing short of perfect to my eye.



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