02 October 2012

KATE the GREAT: Rebel Chic

there's a new book out about a little augury favorite referred to here as Kate the Great.
Katharine Hepburn Rebel Chic is a collection of essays that provide new insights into this intensely private-feisty-American Original.

The collaborative efforts of the book include-Jean Druesedow, Barbara Cohen-Stratyner, Nancy MacDonell, Judy Samelson, and Kohle Yohannan-all writing about the Hepburn effect on Hollywood, fashion and style. Katharine Hepburn was one of the few stars that fought to maintain her individuality and because of it- her style continues to walk the fashion runways every season.

as to style- her philosophy:

 "I think you should pretend you don't care.But it's the most outrageous pretense." In other words this effort of nonchalance she assumed was studied, styled carefully and indeed-perfected. (from Rebel Chic)

 her signature look or "Uniform" sportswear-pants. at left au naturel at Fenwick, at right flawless foundation from coif to polished toe.

Tomboy style as the book refers to it- comes to mind when considering actress Kristin Stewart.
Say what you will about this young woman-she embodies Hepburn Chic-and the Hepburn mystique.

her casual attitude to clothes in her everyday life- her dress up style choices are Rebel Chic- as are her efforts to keep her private life-Private. She must know all about Kate.

A rebel and chic-but mostly it is the rebel that continues to make Hepburn so appealing to me.
Reading the stories about her sense of what was right for her-whether studio heads agreed or not.
Leaving Hollywood for New York when she was considered box office poison-she didn't follow the rules-or fit the rules and in being true to herself  she broke the mold.
What we love about her is that no holes barred- truth telling attitude.

After one memorable sartorial Rebel Chic episode at the studio, Hepburn never turned back. Hating her blue jeans, the studio heads hid them from the STAR-who declared she would parade around in the all together until the "dungarees" were returned. As she started stripping down-the pants were hastily found and returned.
KATE let them know where she stood-and that was in Pants-and  that she wore the PANTS- extremely well.

Rebel Chic is a must have for any KATE admirer, (Isn't that everyone?)
It confirms KATE is still GREAT.

find the book at Rizzoli here.

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