24 October 2012

PROF Weston


Looking at samples of Rock and Mineral Specimens:

 Eminent Architecture Academic Professor Richard Weston of Cardiff University is now " "fashion's most unexpected new design star", according to British Vogue. Taking photographs of minerals, fossils and rocks -the Professor has come up with something new-and it's not a building. His Scarves are original, smart and game changing for the little black anything-sweater, pants, dress or as the scarf is most useful-Grace Kelly Coiffure Flawlessness-or A Ride in the Wind on the Wild Side.

 or Unbeatable Simple Jackie Chic.

 "I suspect most are bemused - a middle-aged, overweight professor with higgledy-piggledy teeth is the antithesis of designer-stereotypes," - Professor Weston.

My Mother looked great-glamourous even- in scarves-but she wore them mostly as a practical measure-To Keep the Cold Out.

 I think Professor Weston may have just given Me a reason to listen to my mother-and wrap up!

Weston's scarves are at Net A Porter-all the Weston images above from here
& read more about the Professor at British Vogue  here & here



  1. I see how McQueen even influenced the good Professor....even a Scholar can see Beauty.

  2. Well, this is about pinning!

    I just decided that rather than ripping pages out of magazines and putting them in plastic sleeves (all my assistants have learned from that!)
    "Pinning makes much better sense! I especially love it because ; unlike my notebooks ; they do not require paper, plastic; sleeves nor a vinyl notebook!

    And best of all, they can be shared!,

    Speaking for myself; I do think carefully when I "pin"!!!

    It is a new world in many ways; and you ask some excellent questions!

  3. I adore the last one shown above with brilliant blue splashes! Fabulous.

  4. What a great idea! I'd hold out for the malachite scarf . . .

  5. They are gorgeous. All hand dyed? I want a few.

  6. they are tempting- I think I like the first one best. I am always inspired by fashionably unfashionable people. pgt



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