20 December 2012

a Life in Painting

books come and go-we love them.
painters come and go-we love them.

IN SEARCH OF REX WHISTLER HIS LIFE & HIS WORK is a book that we celebrate. Hugh & Mirabel Cecil find the man through his painting- and pictures & words marry in thousands of ways. His achingly beautiful story is told by historian authors,the Cecils, and the artist appears more vividly and his work is illuminated more comprehensively than ever before. This is the Rex Whistler book.

Get the book.

I recently cast the REX WHISTLER film here

Read the Aesthete's commentary on the book here

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  1. I received my copy several weeks ago, and have been savoring it ever since. Hats off to the Cecils, they have written the definitive monograph. Superb!!

  2. It's wonderful that you've chosen to treat Rex Whistler as one of Little Augury's subjects.

    Merry Christmas.


    Curtis Roberts (plus Caroline, Jane, 2 dogs, 10 cats, 2 birds and 2 fish)



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