10 May 2013

Lady Honoria & a hat


Milliner Philip Treacy has described mass-produced fascinators as "no more than headbands with a feather stuck on with a glue gun". (linked in text),
 they are dead-and he's happy to burn them in effigy.

This bergère - round disk-like hat with crown only slightly elevated, foundation of linen completely covered with polychrome feathers; lined with pale pink taffeta, one pale pink silk ribbon.. English or French, 1750–75, is just what's in order. Why not something of beauty & of the bizarre?

but something a little more Boucher-than Braque.

 François Boucher - Madame Bergeret holding her bergère

no need to fret about the rain. these feathers have a deliciously melted effect and really now- is this exquisite?

 & anyway-who could deny Honoria Lyndon?

scene from Barry Lyndon

Lady Honoria Lyndon is now on Pinterest here.



  1. Would love to wear this feathered piece, which by the way resembles an artists palette, to the Virginia Robinson Gardens FETE DES FLEURS garden tour on May 18th...I see it with a Balenciaga Painters smock in Prussian Blue with a detachable Piqué collar! LOVE!!!

  2. Gaye I thought of the same thing...an artists palette! So beautiful..
    Art by Karena

  3. The estate of Stanley Kubrick continues to be enriched beyond expectation, in this page's citations of his Thackeray flick. I don't think Lady Honoria puts one so much in mind of the shepherdess as she might, in affecting the bergère, but no one could fault her suggestion of the lamb. Possibly we should look at Poussin to sort this out?



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