22 May 2015

thank you for your service

Lee Miller, born Poughkeepsie New York, 1907. World War II war correspondent photographer, serving in the United States Army-working for Conde Nast, December 1942. At St Malo in France Miller recorded the first use of napalm, in Paris-the liberation, at Buchenwald and Dachau- the concentration camps of Hitler. Photographer David E Scherman of LIFE was with her on many assignments, and photographed her in the tub of Hitler's Munich apartment. 

After the war,  MILLER suffered from what is now known as post traumatic stress disorder.

Roland Penrose- Miller's husband- surrealist artist and Picasso biographer, photographed her above.


  1. Gaye, we have so many to thank for their service and protection....lets relax this weekend, and also remember...

    The Arts by Karena

  2. What a beautiful example of what Memorial Day is all about! What a beautiful woman! Born the exact year of my mother! I will think of her all week-end! and all the people who have sacrificed their lives and the lives of their children, husbands, daughters and sons.....for our country!

    Happy Memorial Day weekend!
    Thank you for this glorious post!! As always!!!

  3. Thank you for a post that is truly relevant to the holiday.

  4. May the Light of The Universe which guides all Matter to Form, bring a sense of Serenity to those left behind by a fabled Valiant whom sacrificed themselves upon the Rock of Chaos.
    Love that image of the beautiful Lee Miller, the Muse of Man Ray, posing in Hitler's tub. A profound moment for a nice Jewish girl from Brooklyn - taking a bubble bath, where once the creature of Hate thought ablutions sacrosanct and his inner sanctum. Loved her dirty combat boots at tumbled outside the tub....CLEANSING - speaks volumes in hidden meanings!



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