20 May 2009

Sophie's Choice

Some dogs choose their own masters. Masters choose their dogs.With Sophie- there could be no other master. I like to say the dogs that are rescued have been temporarily misplaced- as owner of Moses, there will be other dogs-but never again Moses. The same can be said of Sophie.

Sophie is her dog- my dearest of friends, Now that Sophie has found her- her world seems complete.

This is Sophie's choice.

Sophie and her master at home
(photograph by Missy McLamb)

Sophie and Shades of Gray

from Sophie's point of view

black patent slip cover on bench, YSL style

the master's mix

view of Sophie's pad

Kuba(cloth), Fortuny(curtains), Aesthetic(movement)
(click Kuba(cloth) above to read more)

the master carried her grandmother's Fortuny curtains along

Sophie's Bone Collection

looking through to the office

Office Mix
French(settee), Urban Electric( shagreen lamp), MOP(table)

Music Room
Elliott Puckette composition

Mother of Pearl and Kuba Cloth

Dining Room

Choice of China

small japanned buffet (by Sanford Peele), smocked curtains

Sophie's Den

Tablescape Mastery

Sophie on standby( waiting in far right corner)

... and waiting.


  1. A very photogenic dog that goes well with the kuba and other cloths and cutouts - nice rhyming patterns.

  2. Sophie is a picture! I linked your Kuba Cloth story into the post- G

  3. Who is the stunning blond hair model in your picture? She is just gorgeous! Whoever owns this house has so much style! I love her dog Sophie just as much as you do! Sophie is just as elegant looking as the model. To be a fly on the wall....I would love to know more about the glamorous life of this stylish maven!

  4. I know this one- it is a beauty, house, master, dog. M

  5. maison- So true, I wish I could tell- this client prefers to remain anon.

  6. I see a wash of Sophie, all over that maison.
    What a lovely home Sophie and her human have.
    I corrected the link for "get it girl style" blog - so please take a look!

  7. PVE-Sophie was the crowning glory of these shades of gray. She brings it all to life- a beautiful rescue dog that does an hour run most every day with her human- my dearest friend.G

  8. Sophie is the perfect accessory. A wonderful glimpse into an obviously private world.

  9. Lucky Sophie, Lucky Mom-of-Sophie.
    I warm, inviting, marvelous home.
    Lovely photos- especially that first glimpse.

  10. If you ever discover the japanned commode missing, you'll know where to find it.

  11. AAL- that piece was an old oak thing with good lines that my dear friend S.Peele painted for a little shop I had- once done- neither one of us could part with it(Sophie's master was my partner in the shop)G

  12. Debra- A great home to photograph and friend to have. The 1st is a professional of course. thanks for commenting. G

  13. The art in this home is perfect. From the kuba cloths,the Elliott Puckette drawing,the Madonna, the children's drawing to the gray four legged one, All just perfect.

  14. A truly soulful home. I love, Love the kuba cloth. And the Elliott Puckette with the silver, the mother of pearl table -- just so many favorites. I still think the Imperial Trellis on the settee works beautifully too. What really grabs me above all though is the striking portrait at the top of the post. Amazing.

  15. Nice, found via Courtney's blog. Love the gold leafed crosses by the bone collection. I have a couple in silver leaf. Nice look into Sphies world!

  16. What a great house... one of the most interesting I've seen in a while with a great mix of things and a lovely dog too!!

  17. La Maison and Pages. thank you both and thanks to Courtney. I love the house-an ongoing project.

  18. I am lucky to know Sophie's mom and Sophie and they and they are truly stunning...I am so excited happy you have featured them here on your blog, what an excellent choice!

  19. a house and inhabitants to inspire; poetry, pure and simple. just brilliant...thank you, Gaye, for bringing us along...what great delight!

  20. Victoria, though the decorations are in continued flux the inhabitants (and now Argos) remain the best of friends, luckily so. Gaye



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