01 May 2012

La Pausa


Roderick Cameron described of Chanel's Riviera LA PAUSA in The Golden Riviera,as “large low-ceilinged rooms sparsely furnished with handsome pieces of Spanish and Provençal furniture.” Cameron's Riviera La Fiorentina on Cap Ferrat was another villa built for lavish entertaining & grand play.


“The garden was equally simple, planted with lavender and rosemary and all around, the smoky light filtering through centuries-old olives. Chanel had a wonderful sense of luxury and great taste.” Roderick Cameron

La Pausa saw the famous & infamous pass through her brick Romanesque arches, Stravinsky, Cocteau, Picasso,Iribe,Dalí and Visconti. 

Architect Robert Streitz built LA PAUSA high on a hill with a view of the coast in 1928 for Mlle. & her paramour Hugh Grosvenor, the second Duke of Westminster. Streitz kept it simple-much like CHANEL'S fashion aesthetic- but grand- designing four levels of 10,010 square feet.

La Pausa took its inspiration from the Cistercian convent orphanage of Chanel's adolescence. A dramatic stone staircase sweeps up from the grand hall & a cloister surrounds the outdoor courtyard. 

Chanel maintained a separate suite with a view of her 10 acre empire situated near the town of Menton. Her bedroom,as she left it, was maintained through the years when the Reves owned La Pausa. Wrought iron bed & pink draping dominated the boiserie suite. The Duke's stamp remains on La Pausa in the lighting of the unassuming entry-the crown motif from the Westminster coat of arms.

read about The Reves collection here.
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  1. Stunning images...so NEVER SEEN! I love the simplicity, which is evocative of the same simplicity of whitewash, stone mantles and woods found in Balenciaga's chateau retreat.

    I loved seeing her bed with Stars, I had read of it so long ago! I have just pulled PLAISIR DE FRANCE a 1935 magazine that features images and a story of La Pausa. I think it's for sale now, I remember lunch at Chevre D'Or in beautiful Eze Village overlooking the Corniche...Consuelo Balsan built a wonder of a villa perched on the bluff not far.

    Another Dream of what was....Merci!

  2. Amazing. I think that the bedroom says it all. Thank you. Mary

  3. Hello, I've been reading your blog for a while and I think it's time to tell you how much I love it. Great stories and amazing photographs! Thanks for sharing them, Monika

  4. I was not familiar with this enchanting house before reading this post. The simplicity of its luxury is jaw-dropping. Thank you for introducing it to your fortunate readers. RD

  5. The massive chandelier in the main room is beyond gorgeous!
    I loved looking at the home, but I also loved these pictures of her.
    They are ones I have never seen before.
    And to be at a dinner party at La Pausa....sigh.....can a girl dream?

  6. Simply sensational!! The terrace with the awninged swings and arched casement windows - just divine!!

  7. Brava, PGT, for a superlative post, impeccably researched and incorporating images, photographs of house I have never seen...a place that could be in Montecito today, or the like, and a great inspiration on how to use Spanish and Italian Baroque period pieces in a modern way. Loved it all, especially the presentation by you of great nostalgic charm in the manner of a vintage photo album, and text font as though missives from a Royal portable typewriter.
    What treats you give us!
    Thank you!
    Splendid! xxoo

  8. truly a treat..am off to the South on Saturday, what a dream it would be to visit a place such as this ,CQ xx

  9. As many times as I have visited Dallas, I had never known of this collection and the wing built to house it, recreating the villa!
    __ The Devoted Classicist

  10. Thank you Patricia for sharing these images of La Pausa. I truly enjoyed it. Shiree'



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